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CO-ED: Ice Cold (1st), International (2nd)
WOMENS: Blitz (1st), Bazinga! (2nd)
MENS: Les Rouges (1st), The Legionnaires (2nd)

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Sunday PASL Men's "B2" Winners!

Posted by Sherisse Tuck at May 9, 2011 3:05PM PDT

Congrats to our Sunday Men’s B2 Winners: LA Rangers (1st place) and Hearts of LA (2nd place)!

Sunday PASL Men's B1 Champions!

Posted by Sherisse Tuck at May 2, 2011 4:19PM PDT

Congrats to our Sunday Men’s B1 Teams: LAC Red (1st place) and LAC Black (2nd place)!


Join Us For Our 4th Annual Fundraiser Tournament To Support Boys and Girls Soccer at Arcadia High School!!

Sign up as a team or individual. Games will be played on turf.

  • Coed – Saturday, May 28th
  • Women & Men – Sunday, May 29th

For more information:

We’re always looking for volunteers to help out. Let us know if you can help. Players have donated over $18,0000 to Arcadia High’s program. With your support, the soccer program remains strong!

Congrats to some of our Sunday Winners:

Posted by Sherisse Tuck at Apr 18, 2011 1:08PM PDT

1st Place: Crown City Chicks!(Women’s), FC Borracho(Co-ed A), Falcons(Co-ed B1), and Les Rouge(Men’s A)

2nd Place: Pasadena FC, Cheetos!(Co-ed A), The Haphazards(Co-ed B1), and Lucky Baldwin’s(Men’s A)